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Running Clouds . . .

stone buddhas,
the mountain tops . . .
running clouds


Granite Sentries

more than water,
this river churning thoughts . . .
granite sentries

Broken Wings

silky web of
the glittering world . . .
broken wings

ole' door

back after long . . .
good old door, welcomes
the same old way

A Deeper Understanding

eyes in eyes
arms in arms –
a deeper understanding

photo by Bernie Rainbow


audible silence
talks louder and clearer –
wind through bamboo-forest

silence . . .
the chatter of wind
and bamboo


Simba at play . . .
butterflies everywhere, in the

art of
©Patricia Ines Gomez


a little dog
dancing in the dog park .. .
i lost my heart, i did

 her final journey ...ll ...ll

..and the hand slips from yours …
and the face you love at peace.

her final journey …ll …ll

No Omen

blue sun,
setting unaligned to
the pyramids . . .

Sans Nom

snow-clad peak –
it must have a name
but, what for

snow clad mountain . . .
not the name, the beauty,
the beauty

ignoring desire . . .
to name the mountain
or find its name

snow clad mountain . . .
who am i to give
you a name?

one handed clap

one handed clap . . .
relishing every sip of tea
from an empty cup

The Ride Stopped

all the unicorns
were wooden horses again . . .
the ride stopped

I Hate War !!!

endless drizzle
staring at the picture
I Hate War !!!

art by Vladimir Rolov copy

The Old Faithful

the old faithful –
an arch of blessings over
every Odyssey

One Big Iolite

one big iolite
on my palm –
stretched out

grounded birds
stare in disbelief –
a little girl flies

A Game

a big wall, boredom’s
a game

( Photograph by Geralyn Shukwit )



I Love You

humming-bird –
day and night, repeating
I Love You