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An Unlyrical Ode To her

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Dalvir Gill, Poetry

An Unlyrical Ode To her

An Unlyrical Ode To Her by Dalvir Gill

Sun also rises,
With all her mysterious hues
Evening comes still,
With fresh air my lungs get filled,
It can be called life — all this
Because of you.

There’s still some sense left,in
All this utter chaos,
Only because of you,
Because of you, only.

It’s not about gaining
Nor about losing…….
How in your absence is,
Somehow, also your presence.
Nothing belongs to me anymore
Some of you is there in every bit of me,
All of you in all of me .
Your arms are here in my arms
Your eyes in my eyes,
Your sweet breath mingled in my breath
You are in all my words, my worlds.
My nights are your gifts.

Where ever I go, I
Wind up running into you.
Whoever I see, it’s
You — I meet.
Only because of you.

It’s not gaining,
It’s not losing.
Love, Life, Laughs
Are not mere definitions,
There’s meaning in everything —–
Everything Is Everything.
Nothing is missing, nor desired.
All is whole ‘n complete, again
Because of you, Only.

The thread that first joined us, is
Visible now
Woven between everything, and
everyone. I can see it.
Only because of you.

There is music in silence, and
Silence in noise, even bliss…..
I can see you, in me
You are here, everywhere
In me.
Only because of you,
There’s Shunnyatta in universe,and
Universes in Shunnya……….
—-Because of you.

All paths are joined together,
Destinations are reached—–Destinies met,
Things come full circle……..
Only because of you.
Because of you, only.