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Pining Freezed

all the pining for
the farthest of heavens –


Delicate Moment

a monarch
landed on my cheek . . .
no breathing

Mariam Sushe
( 15 years, France )
Art: Rosie Mann

This Too Shall Pass

looking for an open sky
the clouds . . .
this too shall pass

Lines on my Hands

the waves
come and go, constantly . . .
lines on my hands

photography: Paramita Das

Eternal Love

krishna’s hand snakes around
Radha waist on Janam-Ashthmi pooja . . .
eternal lovers

Dream Catcher

dream catchers . . .
a net full of


dream catchers . . .
a net full of

A Dream-Catcher

a dream catcher . . .
the fisherman tosses his net to
the skies

Love's the Way

concrete –
love is the way through
all the walls

Eating in Silence

a hungry man
eating off the railway tracks –
not a single train passed by

Buddha Smiles

a buddha
smiles loud –
a haiku

I Flow

through the breeze
the river stands still . . .
i flow

No Words - IV

old friends
walking hand in hand . . .
who needs words

photo by Rupinder Dhindsa

Soft Breath of Wind

a bunch of wisteria flowers
reaches a resting butterfly –
soft breath of wind

Running Clouds

stone buddhas,
the mountain tops . . .
running clouds


brap! and,
simultaneous BRAP!! BRAP!!! . . .
the duel begins & ends

Sun Rises, Again

oh that eye ‘n the gaze
piercing through the veil . . .
sun rises, again

No Inner-Chatter

the flight of thought . . .

Distant Notes

in my village
the song of the birds . . .
distant notes

( art by Alexey Menschikow Begnij )

No Words - III

the lively
conversation . . . unhindered by

Art by Unknown