The “So What” of Parminder Sodhi

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Dalvir Gill, Write-Ups
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cloudless sky
reflected in wave-less pond;

one can write 50 like this one i just did, in a day. nice thought, but is it hokku?!
and then, on a second thought, the ilks of these are still better than the ones being written on this and/or other pages/sites where a mechanical approach is applied that of “kigo – jux of two images – other paraphernalia”
without any sense of what kigo is and without understanding that jux should create mystery providing depth to the poem forming multiple layers.

blooming acacia . . .
squirrels taking turns, going
up and down

acacia flowers in a particular season – so kigo. and the frolicking of squirrels is jux’ed with the blooming acacia. what a joke! or in Sodhi Parminders words, “So What!!!”
a comment on Sarbjit Singh‘s

the sky
tousles in the pond . . .
a lotus

[ this brings me to my next question is this a Haibun ( = over-simplified as verse+haiku) ]

  1. Rachael Charmley says:

    Interesting post. I recently started writing haiku. The rules: to break or not to break…


  2. dalvirgill says:

    Rachael, if you are on Facebook, join us on our group, “Haiku Omni”. ‘Description’ of the group has our agenda and in the files there’s a lot of stuff. in this blogs roll we have link for SimplyHaiku, robert D. Wilson has written/interviewed extensively – great help to understand the great genre that’s Hokku.
    my facebook ID is


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