So What??? – II ( continuing )

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Dalvir Gill, Write-Ups, Writer
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cloudless sky
reflected in wave-less pond;

that i just scratched is nothing, just clever wording, soothing to “some ears” -a mild short poem, at the best; but, ( your )

the sky
tousles in the pond . . .
a lotus

is a really nice hokku!
do you catch my drift?

the jump from first two lines to the third ( a lotus ) is which brings in the “Dreaming-Room”, creates the Ma. There’s Yugen ( mystery & depth ) in it. solving the mystery is what we call “participation by the reader”, something a must in hokku – preached, but not practiced.

Now, Every reader will interpret it differently based on his/her sociology-geographical and/or cultural background, on one’s own personal intellectual/existential experience, adding layers to this hokku – its forte.

Whereas, a “description” of a moment/images blandly juxtaposed on doesn’t leave anything for a reader, it doesn’t let the reader to enter into the poem and hence doesn’t encourage him to interpret, to re-interpret it – over and over.

A “small nature-poem” describing “a snap-shot of nature in a moment” even if written while following all the so-called “rules of haiku-writing” is fated to only ONE interpretation, no matter who reads it;
but, a hokku on the other hand will not only be interpreted by each reader differently, but also, the same reader will interpret it differently at different times, in different states of mind. Only because of one reason and that’s Ma, created by “kire” ( the act of cutting ), it not only lets the reader enter into the poem but welcomes him/her.


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