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Ron Kleiman

Vir, I am unfamiliar with Zoka, forgive my ignorance
(google was no help other than to point out Zoka Coffee Roasters and Tea Co. and a Bar in Pine Colorado )
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Dalvir Gill

Zoka is the the untamed, unpredictable, creative power of the universe; her continuum of creation, and transformation. I’ll try to find some material and share with you.
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Jaime Gori

Zoka is the creative life force in nature. In haiku it is the source of kigo and the implied, unsaid energy
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Ron Kleiman

thank you
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Dalvir Gill

I always call it the creative/destructive force. Looking through the “Non-Dual” glasses death and birth are one;

‘Transforming Force’ sounds better. ( Only if that huge meteor/dwarf-planet had not hit the earth, leaving her to spin on an tilted axis! )
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Dalvir Gill

There’s a misconception about Hinduism; that of it being a polytheistic religion. There holy trinity of Brahma ( Creation ), Vishnu ( Sustenance ) and Shiva ( Destruction ) is just three manifestation of the same Force – OM ( Zoka ).
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Dalvir Gill

here is one: http://www.uwosh.edu/facstaff/barnhill/244-assignments/basho1
Basho – Example 1 of a Paper on Basho — Faculty/Staff Sites
3451 Sage Hall University of Wisconsin Oshkosh800 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone: (920) 424-0746E-mail:barnhill@uwosh.eduFax: (920) 424-0768
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Ron Kleiman

today I celebrate
the wonder
of a new thought
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Dalvir Gill

Lovely Ron Kleiman ……..
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Dalvir Gill

The Biblical/Western thought is that God created (past participle ) but Taoist/Eastern believe that “He” is creating/transforming it every second, not that once the creation was “over” He rested.
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Ron Kleiman

BTW Vir, Orthodox Jewish thought shares with you the belief that creation is an ongoing process, in which we are partners. Indeed it is our belief that the world is constantly being created. If the process were to stop even for an instant the world would not only cease to exist, it would in fact never have existed.
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Dalvir Gill

That brings us to the next thing that “Haiku is the poetry of “Now” .” as it can be deduced from your statement that

there is only one ( Indivisible ) Eternal Moment.
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Ron Kleiman

You have just nailed the core of our belief
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  1. dalvirgill says:

    Gabi Greve
    Here is the Japanese zooka

    SPECIAL GALLERIES ….. DARUMA MUSEUM (03): Kotoamatsukami zooka
    Introducing Japanese Culture. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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