A Silent Prayer

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Dalvir Gill, Dalvir Gill, Haiga, Haiku, Hokku, Photography, Writer
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Dalvir Gill - A Silent Prayer

a silent prayer . . .
sun goes down under
the misty haze



  1. dalvirgill says:

    Master Robert D. Wilson comments:
    A silent prayer is said. The sun goes down under the misty haze. Prayers are communication to a deity which are (is) considered eternal, regardless of interpretation. Basho, if you remember, mentioned the “face of god” in one of his hokku. The sun rises and falls, life never clear, an illusion painted by cultural memory, perceptual experience, educational conceptualization, etc. This is an excellent activity biased hokku, Dalvir, that allows room for interpretation, accepts the continuum that is time, and accepts zôka as creator of something far more complex then our minds.


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