Rajesh Joshi – a Poem

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Poetry

Rajesh Joshi - a Poem



Play Thy Flute, O’ Krishna


by Rajesh Joshi …. September 28, 2012


Oh Kahna,

Oh Krishna,

Where art thou ?

What are these Gopis without you,

And what this bank of Yamuna,

Oh Krishna,

Come, play thy flute,

Let the Gopis dance,

In rapturous delight,

Let the waves of Yamuna swirl,

Like dervishes,

Oh Krishna,

What are these cows without you ,

And what this peacock plume,

Come Krishna,

Play thy flute,

Let the cows come running to you,


Let the peacock plume be atop your crown,

Proud and splendid,

Oh Krishna,

Where art thou,

Come Kahna, play thy flute,

Let there be an end ,

To Radha’s eternal wait,

Let there be a rain of eternal Love,

Let the whole Cosmos dance,

In ecstasy…



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